Seat Approved

Individual Specialist Cars ensuring that your SEAT is repaired to the highest standards.

As an Approved Body Repairer for SEAT, we use SEAT-trained technicians and the same paints and parts that made your car special to begin with. Each Centre has to pass an 84-point annual inspection and each technician must pass a welding exam every two years. Best of all, repairs are guaranteed for three years and will still cover your original paint and anti-corrosion warranties.

The Importance of Using Genuine Parts and Repair Techniques:
The safety your car provides is essential. If you’re involved in an accident our parts are designed to work in a specific way to ensure you and your passengers have maximum protection.

Your SEAT is made of a number of advanced materials, each of which requires specific repair techniques that need the right welds in terms of equipment, temperature and location. Not using these techniques may jeopardise the safety of the interior of your SEAT in the event of an accident.

You Choose Who Repairs Your Car:
No matter whom you insure your car with, you can choose where your car is repaired without penalty. So, if you do have an accident, insist with your insurer the use of genuine parts and repairs from a SEAT (Volkswagen Group) Approved Accident Repair Centre.  Contact our Team on 0121 236 2394 and we will do the rest for you.


What to do in the event of an accident?
Stay calm and make sure you do the following:

  • Under no circumstances admit liability
  • Exchange names, addresses and vehicle details including registration number
  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Take pictures of the vehicle damage – yours and any others involved
  • Note any other visual evidence that might help
  • Check your vehicle’s condition

Finally, contact The Team at Individual Specialist Cars 0n 0121 236 2394 and allow us to take the stress and hassle way from you and let us do the rest..